Happy wheels Demo game online free

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happy wheels Demo game Online free

Happy wheels demo is the basic version of happy wheels from totaljerkface for other website. Full version of this game is reserved by official site name totaljerkface. all other arcade flash games sites only put demo version on their sites. happy wheels demo is very awesome and much hard games among the all other games. its very difficult to reach at the end but this difficulty increase your addiction toward this game. this is the reason of popularity of happy wheels demo game. i play many games but their hurdles make you bore and lazy. but happy wheels obstacle and hurdle get your more attention and make it more attractive. according to to semrush daily 50000 people play this game from all over the world. and monthly more then 3 million people reach this game.

I just want to share happy wheels demo version for you. if you pass this then link is available in games for players how want to play happy wheels full version. its a challenge for all to reach at the end of happy wheels demo. if you finish this game don't forget to share it in happy wheels face book group. Click on image and  play.

happy wheels demo control

Arrow keys= Move, SPACE = Primary Action, Z = Eject, Shift & Control = Secondary actions